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In EU-Cert we are experts in the field of certification and conformity assessment, providing our clients with high quality services. Our services are tailored to different industries and cover a wide range of certification and conformity assessment of personnel, products, management systems and the performance of testing.

With our knowledge and experience you can achieve the trust of your customers, improve your competitiveness, confirm compliance with regulatory requirements. Find out how our certification can benefit your organisation.


How does the certification process work?

Submission of the application with the required annexes

The applicant submits an official application along with the documents.

Review of the application and signing of the certification agreement.

Verification of compliance and signing of the certification agreement.

Assessment and review of documentation (including testing if required)

Analysis and evaluation of the completeness and conformity of the completed documentation.

Certification decision

Making the final certification decision.

Surveillance of the certificate

Ensuring adequate post-certification supervision and monitoring.


We are working for your success.

Certification is not just about confirming compliance with specific standards, but also a tool that helps build trust and credibility for Your brand. Having a certificate confirms the high quality of your products or services, which translates into greater customer trust and the opportunity to secure new contracts and business partnerships. Certification offered by EU-Cert brings numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased customer confidence: Certificate issued by EU-Cert confirms that your products or management systems meet high standards of quality, safety and regulatory compliance. This builds trust with customers and increases your credibility in the market.
  • Meeting market requirements: EU-Cert certification confirms that your products or management systems comply with applicable regulations and requirements. This builds trust with customers and increases your credibility in the market.
  • Improving your competitive position: Being certified gives you a competitive advantage. You can promote your products or management systems as certified and compliant with the highest standards, which attracts customers and strengthens your position in the market.
  • Improve quality and efficiency: The EU-Cert certification process prompts you to analyse and improve your organisation’s processes and practices. As a result, you gain the tools to continuously improve quality, efficiency and innovation.

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